London art fairs Oct. 2019


Foreign and UK galleries in London Art Fairs. October first week constitutes the engagest date to art fairs which are held in London and the most important moment of the year for United Kingdom. Around 10 fairs hold simultaneously, even one week before to be able to stand out from the multitude offer.

London, the reference as European art capital, has multiple connections through art galleries around the world and that symbolizes the current global art market. From almost 500 galleries participating in the Art Fairs analyzed (1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair, British Art Fair, Frieze Contemporary, Frieze Masters, Pad London and Sunday Art Fair) the total number of foreign UK galleries represents 68% from 32% UK galleries. In the graph, as a reference to keep in mind, foreigner galleries, which have a space in the United Kingdom, all of them in London, represents 6%, 65% foreign based and 29% national galleries.

The criteria of selection of art fairs In London made in this Analysis is based on the exhibition importance, info quality over the art fair organisation and the procedure and consolidation as an national and international event (United Kingdom).

Different origin for every fair

The art gallery list of British Art Fair, as the name implies, totally hold art galleries from the United Kingdom based , however, 6 exhibitors runs 9 spaces in Europe. The London PAD fair, specializing in contemporary design or Sunday art fair in emerging art, most of the exhibitors come from outside the United Kingdom.

In similar terms, Africa is the most representative region in 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair, being specialized in African artists.

Europe - U.K. - North America

Commercial ties with continental Europe are the most recurrent case in most of the fairs. Although, it is too late for the reader to avoid the word Brexit, our objective is not primordial in this analysis. The graphic of participating galleries in London art fairs belonging from E.U. member countries (and E.U. no members countries less than 5% from total) establishes the scope of that commercial union, with the special features in each case (Norway, Iceland and Switzerland).

The North American galleries along with the United States leading 78 galleries, well over Canada, Mexico or Guatemala, represent the second most important core of foreign presence in the United Kingdom. Fairs like Frieze have established events on that continent in New York and Los Angeles as Art Basel or Independent did.