Main SectionMartin van ZomerenAmsterdamNetherlands
Main SectionStigter Van DoesburgAmsterdamNetherlands
Main SectionEllen De Bruijne ProjectsAmsterdamNetherlands
Main SectionTim Van LaereAntwerpBelgium
Main SectionZeno XAntwerpBelgium
Main SectionThe BreederAthensGreece
Main SectionProjecteSDBarcelonaSpain
Main SectionNoguerasBlanchardBarcelona - MadridSpain
Main SectionMagician SpaceBeijingChina
Main SectionBoers-LiBeijing - New York - Hong KongChina - U.S.A.
Main SectionEsther SchipperBerlinGermany
Main SectionNeuBerlinGermany
Main SectionneugerriemschneiderBerlinGermany
Main SectionCapitain PetzelBerlinGermany
Main SectionChertLüddeBerlinGermany
Main SectionPeres ProjectsBerlinGermany
Main SectionNagel DraxlerBerlin - CologneGermany
Main SectionGalerie BuchholzBerlin - Cologne - New YorkGermany - U.S.A.
Main SectionMax HetzlerBerlin - ParisGermany - France
Main SectionKönig GalerieBerlin - LondonGermany - United Kingdom
Main SectionSprüth MagersBerlin - London - Los AngelesGermany - United Kingdom - U.S.A.
Main SectionP420BolognaItaly
Main SectionMassimo MininiBresciaItaly
Main SectionMeessen De ClercqBrusselsBelgium
Main Sectionrodolphe janssenBrusselsBelgium
Main SectionVedoviBrusselsBelgium
Main SectionXavier HufkensBrusselsBelgium
Main SectiondépendanceBrusselsBelgium
Main SectionPietro SpartaChagnyFrance
Main SectionShane CampbellChicagoU.S.A.
Main SectionPlan BCluj - BerlinRomania - Germany
Main SectionGreen Art GalleryDubaiUnited Arab Emirates
Main SectionKerlinDublinIreland
Main SectionKonrad FischerDüsseldorf - BerlinGermany
Main SectionTornabuoni ArtFirenze - Paris - Milan - LondonItaly - France - United Kingdom
Main SectionBärbel GrässlinFrankfurtGermany
Main SectionNeue Alte BrückeFrankfurtGermany
Main SectionMezzaninGenevaSwitzerland
Main SectionSkopiaGenevaSwitzerland
Main SectionVitamin Creative SpaceGuangzhou - BeijingChina
Main SectionEdouard MalingueHong Kong - ShanghaiChina
Main SectionExperimenterKolkataIndia
Main SectionThomas ZanderCologneGermany
Main SectionDelmes & ZanderCologneGermany
Main Section80M2 Livia BenavidesLimaPerú
Main SectionAnnely Juda Fine ArtLondonUnited Kingdom
Main SectionCardiMilan - LondonItaly, United Kingdom
Main SectionModern ArtLondonUnited Kingdom
Main SectionRichard SaltounLondonUnited Kingdom
Main SectionRodeoLondonUnited Kingdom
Main SectionSadie Coles HQLondonUnited Kingdom
Main SectionWaddington CustotLondonUnited Kingdom
Main SectionBen Brown Fine ArtsLondon - Hong KongUnited Kingdom - China
Main SectionWhite CubeLondon - Hong KongUnited Kingdom - China
Main SectionSimon LeeLondon - Hong Kong - New YorkUnited Kingdom - China -U.S.A.
Main SectionHauser & WirthMultiple LocationsMultiple Locations
Main SectionVictoria MiroLondon - VeneziaUnited Kingdom - Italy
Main SectionDavid Kordansky GalleryLos AngelesU.S.A.
Main SectionGhebaly GalleryLos AngelesU.S.A.
Main SectionOverduin & Co.Los AngelesU.S.A.
Main SectionRegen ProjectsLos AngelesU.S.A.
Main SectionBlum & PoeLos Angeles - New York - TokyoU.S.A. - Japan
Main SectionFreedman FitzpatrickLos Angeles - ParisU.S.A. - France
Main SectionCeysson & BénétièreLuxembourg - Saint-Étienne - New YorkLuxembourg - France - U.S.A.
Main SectionGuillermo de OsmaMadridSpain
Main SectionParra & RomeroMadrid - IbizaSpain
Main SectionLaborMéxico CityMéxico
Main SectionGagaMéxico City- Los AngelesMéxico - U.S.A.
Main SectionFrancesca MininiMilanItaly
Main SectionGiò MarconiMilanItaly
Main SectionZERO...MilanItaly
Main SectionRaffaella CorteseMilanItaly
Main Sectionkaufmann repettoMilan - New YorkItaly - U.S.A.
Main SectionMassimo De CarloMilan - London - Hong KongItaly - United Kingdom - China
Main SectionAlfonso ArtiacoNaplesItaly
Main Section303 GalleryNew YorkU.S.A.
Main SectionAnton KernNew YorkU.S.A.
Main SectionCanadaNew YorkU.S.A.
Main SectionDowns & RossNew YorkU.S.A.
Main Sectionhalf galleryNew YorkU.S.A.
Main SectionKarmaNew YorkU.S.A.
Main SectionKasminNew YorkU.S.A.
Main SectionMartos GalleryNew YorkU.S.A.
Main SectionMetro PicturesNew YorkU.S.A.
Main SectionMitchell-Innes & NashNew YorkU.S.A.
Main SectionNahmad ContemporaryNew YorkU.S.A.
Main SectionPaula CooperNew YorkU.S.A.
Main SectionSalon 94New YorkU.S.A.
Main SectionUbu GalleryNew YorkU.S.A.
Main SectionVan de WegheNew YorkU.S.A.
Main SectionC L E A R I N GNew York - BrusselsU.S.A. - Belgium
Main SectionGladstone GalleryNew York - BrusselsU.S.A. - Belgium
Main SectionMichael WernerNew York - LondonU.S.A. - United Kingdom
Main SectionSkarstedtNew York - LondonU.S.A. - United Kingdom
Main SectionPaceMultiple LocationsMultiple Locations
Main SectionDavid ZwirnerNew York - London - Hong KongU.S.A. - United Kingdom - China
Main SectionReena Spaulings Fine ArtNew York - Los AngelesU.S.A.
Main SectionVenus Over ManhattanNew York - Los AngelesU.S.A.
Main SectionGavin Brown's enterpriseNew York - RomeU.S.A. - Italy
Main SectionFergus McCaffreyNew York - TokyoU.S.A. - Japan
Main SectionGerhardsen GernerOslo - BerlinNorway - Germany
Main SectionAir de ParisParisFrance
Main SectionAllenParisFrance
Main SectionAnne de VillepoixParisFrance
Main SectionApplicat-PrazanParisFrance
Main SectionArt : ConceptParisFrance
Main SectionBalice HertlingParisFrance
Main SectionChantal CrouselParisFrance
Main SectionChristophe GaillardParisFrance
Main SectionEric HussenotParisFrance
Main SectionGabrielle MaubrieParisFrance
Main SectionGalerie 1900-2000ParisFrance
Main SectionGalerie ZlotowskiParisFrance
Main SectionGaudel de StampaParisFrance
Main Sectiongb agencyParisFrance
Main SectionGeorges-Philippe & Nathalie ValloisParisFrance
Main SectionHigh ArtParisFrance
Main SectionImane FarèsParisFrance
Main SectionIn Situ - Fabienne LeclercParisFrance
Main SectionJérôme PoggiParisFrance
Main SectionJocelyn WolffParisFrance
Main SectionJousse EntrepriseParisFrance
Main SectionLaurent GodinParisFrance
Main SectionLe MinotaureParisFrance
Main SectionLoevenbruckParisFrance
Main SectionMarcelle AlixParisFrance
Main SectionMartine AboucayaParisFrance
Main Sectionmor charpentierParisFrance
Main SectionNatalie SeroussiParisFrance
Main SectionSemioseParisFrance
Main SectionThomas Bernard - Cortex AthleticoParisFrance
Main SectionuntilthenParisFrance
Main SectionValentinParisFrance
Main SectionMichel ReinParis - BrusselsFrance - Brussels
Main SectionNathalie ObadiaParis - BrusselsFrance - Brussels
Main SectionTemplonParis - BrusselsFrance - Brussels
Main SectionAlmine RechParis - Brussels - London - New YorkFrance - Brussels - United Kingdom - U.S.A.
Main SectionKarsten GreveParis - Cologne - St MoritzFrance - Germany - Switzerland
Main Sectionfrank elbazParis - DallasFrance - U.S.A.
Main Sectionkamel mennourParis - LondonFrance - United Kingdom
Main SectionPraz-DelavalladeParis - Los AngelesFrance - U.S.A.
Main SectionLelong & Co.Paris - New YorkFrance - U.S.A.
Main SectionMarian GoodmanParis - New York - LondonFrance - U.S.A.
Main SectionGagosian GalleryMultiple LocationsMultiple Locations
Main SectionPerrotinMultiple LocationsMultiple Locations
Main SectionThaddaeus RopacParis - Salzburg - LondonFrance - Austria - United Kingdom
Main SectionVistamare/VistamarestudioPescara - MilanItaly
Main SectionSpazioAPistoiaItaly
Main SectionLambdaLambdaLambdaPrishtinaKosovo
Main SectionMagazzinoRomeItaly
Main SectionCatherine IssertSaint-PaulFrance
Main SectionJessica SilvermanSan FranciscoU.S.A.
Main SectionContinuaSan Gimignano - Beijing - Boissy-le-Châtel - HabanaItaly - China - France - Cuba
Main SectionBergamin & GomideSão PauloBrasil
Main SectionMendes Wood DMSão Paulo - Brussels - New YorkBrasil - Belgium - U.S.A.
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Main SectionKukjeSeoulSouth Korea
Main SectionPKM GallerySeoulSouth Korea
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Main SectionAndréhn-SchiptjenkoStockholmSweden
Main SectionDvir GalleryTel Aviv - BrusselsIsrael - Belgium
Main SectionSCAI THE BATHHOUSETokyoJapan
Main SectionTucci RussoTorinoItaly
Main SectionMazzoleniTorino - LondonItaly - United Kingdom
Main SectionSelma FerianiTunis - LondonTunisia - United Kingdom
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Main SectionNächst St. Stephan Rosemarie SchwarzwälderViennaAustria
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Main SectionMai 36 GalerieZürichSwitzerland
Main SectionPeter KilchmannZürichSwitzerland
Main SectionKarma InternationalZürich - Los AngelesSwitzerland - U.S.A.
Main SectionEva PresenhuberZürich - New YorkSwitzerland - U.S.A.
Main SectionGmurzynskaZürich - St. MoritzSwitzerland
ÉditionÉditions DilectaParisFrance
ÉditionGalerie 8+4ParisFrance
ÉditionFlorence LoewyParisFrance
Éditionmfc-michèle didierParisFrance
DesignJousse EntrepriseParisFrance
DesignLAFFANOUR - Galerie DowntownParisFrance
DesignEric PhilippeParisFrance
DesignGalerie kreoParis - LondonFrance - United Kingdom
DesignGalerie Patrick SeguinParis - LondonFrance - United Kingdom
Autres exposantsCollection LambertLambert - AvignonFrance
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Frieze Contemporary, Frieze Masters and FIAC

Frieze Contemporary, Frieze Masters and FIAC Editions from 2016 to 2019. Frieze Contemporary, Frieze Masters and FIAC share much more than a nearby geographical situation or dates that mark the beginning of autumn/the season. The importance of these events from London and Paris, organized two of them by the same promoter – Frieze Contemporary and…

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