Art Basel Online Viewing Rooms 2020

Edition June – September


Art Basel Viewing Rooms is still present in September for the third edition with a similar show to the previous Viewing Rooms (Art Basel Hong Kong and Art Basel Viewing Rooms June). There are certain differences in volume and participating artists available by gallery: compared to the June digital edition, Art Basel OVR Sep has brought together a total of 100 galleries with a maximum of 7 artists exhibited by each one, this contrasts to the June edition, which reached the 277 galleries, with a maximum of 15 artists / works per viewing room.


Artists volume comparison

The greater number of artists at Art Basel OVR June is not justified ‘only’ by a lower number of galleries selected for September. The 15 Viewing Rooms in June exhibited an average of 12.5 artists per gallery, however in this September edition, up to 46 exhibitors have chosen to show an artist ‘Solo Show’. This change in trend, perhaps moderated by the organization itself, has made it easier for the online visitor to view the fair in addition to generating a greater impact of the galleries on their proposal.

Of the total number of artists +1800 in June over 290 in September, 179 artists have been shared between both editions, whose average year of birth in September is 1968 (113 men – 66 women).

The regular participation of the galleries to Art Basel, and the short space of time, perhaps is a symptom of this frequency, but in any case it is the personal selection of each gallery adapted to the circumstances (List common artists Jun – Sep).

Art Basel OVR 2020 artists birth

June – September


The bulk of the most relevant artists in the Art Basel OVR Jun edition is made up of post-world war born artists, however with a significant number of artists born before 1945 (29%). To set a brand, the artists who created in the first and second avant-gardes do not reach 4% (born before 1900) but in this case, perhaps reading is the opportunity during Art Basel Online June to acquire a masterpiece through the virtual rooms. The earliest figures from June are Medardo Rosso (Turin 1858) James Ensor (Ostend, Belgium 1860) or Gustav Klimt (Vienna 1862) among others.


In the case of Art Basel Online Sep the artist with the earliest date of birth is Etel Adnan (Lebanon, 1925) and the latest, Emmanuel Louisnord (Brooklyn, 1997) whose timeline closes in the case of the September OVR edition. Of course, taking into account the comparison between both editions, since the number of artists exhibited at Art Basel Sep is much smaller, with 21% of artists born before 1960 and a remaining segment of almost 80% from 1961 to 1997. These figures outline this more contemporary online edition of September.

Art Basel OVR 2020 artists gender

Edition June – September

Artists Art Basel Online Viewing Rooms 2020 September

The gender issue that can arouse a certain historical ‘understanding’ at the beginning of the last century, the global comparison, taking into account the lack of female artists pre WW II, Art Basel OVR 2020 June is quantitatively 3 by 1 (men, women) as it happens in Art Basel OVR 2020 September.

The breakdown of 1/4 century. of the graphs expressed above, Art Basel OVR 2020 June had a greater balance compared to the selection of September. In the comparison born in 1975-1995 (last artist born in 1995) between both editions, the September fair registers worse figures. However same edition at 1925 – 1949 range reaches almost 50% balance in Art Basel OVR Jun.


Art Basel OVR 2020 Artists

Range birth 1925-1949 September

Most frequent nationality


Artists Art Basel OVR nationality 2020 Jun

CountryN ArtistsPercentage
United Kingdom1347.55%
South Korea221.24%
Rest of nationalities41921.42%

Artists Art Basel OVR 2020 nationality Sep

CountryN ArtistsPercentage
United Kingdom144.86%
South Korea62.08%
Rest of nationalities7625.69%

The most frequent nationalities in both fairs are practically identical: only Argentina, India and Poland in the case of Art Basel OVR 2020 September enter the top 15th, with the absence of Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands compared to Art Basel OVR 2020 June.

This analysis is a global indicator of the origin of artists in today’s art market. The Art Basel selection of galleries, as a reflection of a world art fair, traces us a specific line of origin that in many cases has a correspondence with the origin of the exhibitors.



Galleries Art Basel OVR Jun Galleries Art Basel OVR Sep