Art021 and Westbund 2019 Ranking 2019

Since the creation of these two parallel fairs and at the same city also, Art021 in 2013 and Westbund in 2014, they have been growing up in quality and in global impact throughout the following editions. Specifically, the 2019 editions are at the top of the 2019 Westbund 9th and Art021 21st ranking. In the case of Art021, the Detour and Approach programs, with a curatorial character, thus lower the average rate owing to the fact that emerging galleries develop these programs. However, if the analysis were only from the Main section, the position of Art021 would be the 15th.


The objective of this analysis is to expose the potential and interest of international galleries on a specific date and city: Shanghai. Due to its social and economic characteristics, Hong Kong, with Art Basel Hong Kong, has placed the international focus on Asia, despite that, Westbund and Art021 gathers participating galleries at the most important fairs in the world and perhaps hegemony in that area may have to be reconsidered.

Shared Galleries

As it happens in many parallel fairs, the galleries that participate in several events of specific art market features such as Frieze Contemporary and Frieze Masters, or simply want to multiply their sales options – fairs in Miami Beach -. In Art021 and Westbund 2019 the coincidence is 18% of the total between them, the rate reaches up to 36% if we compare only the two main sections. 94% of these simultaneous galleries are based in Asia*.


*Hong Kong – China, Singapore. Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia and Philippines.

Trace in the Ranking 2019

The participating galleries of Art021 and Westbund 2019 have a presence in the ten first fairs according to our Ranking 2019. The logical notoriety in Art Basel Hong Kong 2019 of the common galleries in Art021 and Westbund is 33% – 71% have a location in Asia * – is followed closely by Frieze Los Angeles 29%, TEFAF New York and Frieze London with 22 and 21%, respectively.


*Hong Kong – China, Singapore. Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia and Philippines.

Art Calendar 2019

The fairs in the top ten positions of the 2019 ranking are held covering almost all the months of the calendar of art fairs avoiding being parallelly, except Frieze and FIAC in October that are 20 days between both [shared galleries Frieze Contemporary-Masters and Fiac]. Westbund takes the position in November with the 9th position in the Ranking.