Art Basel OVR Portals 2021, Jun 16 - 19, 2021
303 GalleryAlicja Kwade: In-BetweenStrategically employing both natural elements and man-made objects as materials, Alicja Kwade creates confounding and complex arrangements which test the limits of our perception, leading us to question our understanding of space, time, and matter.
A Gentil CariocaTempoA Gentil Carioca presents Tempo, a reflection on the impact of the last events and as inevitable paradigm shifts in everyone's life, starting from a seam of narratives present in the works by Laura Lima, João Modé and Rodrigo Torres.
A Thousand Plateaus Art SpaceChen Qiulin: DrownThrough performing body in a tofu filled wooden installation, Drown intends to reveal the fragility and confrontation of human and our contemporary society, and re-examine the reflections of female identity and local traditions in a global pandemic.
Addis Fine Art100 Days of IntrospectionAddis Fine Art presents 100 Days of Introspection, featuring works by Tariku Shiferaw, Helina Metaferia and Tizta Berhanu, who interrogate the two great social upheavals of our time, the pandemic induced crisis of intimacy and the Black experience.
Air de Parisrebel dignitiesAir de Paris is pleased to present a curated group show featuring Gaëlle Choisne, Liam Gillick and Bruno Serralongue.
Sabrina AmraniUnrestSabrina Amrani is delighted to present Unrest, a curated selection of museum-quality works spanning through different continents, temporalities and histories; by Joël Andrianomearisoa (Madagascar), Ayesha Jatoi (Pakistan) and Paloma Polo (Spain)
Athr GalleryWe were all once here and thereAl Faraj and Al Amoudi work tries to push the boundaries of the historical representation of Saudi Arabia and capturing aspects of life from their generation’s perspective, pertaining to the digital culture, ecology, and values defining the society
Bangkok CityCity GalleryNawin Nuthong | A room, where they are COEVALs [Precise at a dig site door]In A room, where they are COEVALs [Precise at a dig site door], Nawin Nuthong blends pop-culture references and speculative stories to examine value exchange systems of the present and rationalize the realities of historical grand narratives.
BankPOSTLIMINARY: Lu Yang, Tim Crowley and Nik KosmasPOSTLIMINARY is conceived as a group of three distinct but related solo exhibitions by artists Lu Yang, Tim Crowley and Nik Kosmas.
Nicelle Beauchene GalleryLucy PulsNicelle Beauchene Gallery is pleased to present a solo presentation of photo-sculptural work by Bay Area artist Lucy Puls.
Blum & PoeThree Places: Ha Chong-hyun, Kazunori Hamana, Zhu JinshiFor Art Basel OVR: Portals, Blum & Poe is pleased to present a selection of work by three artists whose work is deeply connected to place: Ha Chong-hyun in Korea, Kazunori Hamana in Japan, and Zhu Jinshi in China.
Tanya Bonakdar GalleryTomás SaracenoInformed by the worlds of art, architecture, natural sciences and engineering, Tomas Saraceno’s floating sculptures, community projects and interactive installations propose new, sustainable ways of inhabiting and sensing the environment.
Galerie Isabella BortolozziExtimacy / Needlepoint of CrueltyGalerie Isabella Bortolozzi is pleased to present a dialogue between selected works by Juliette Blightman and Steve Reinke.
Galerie Bernard BoucheJohn MurphyThe gallery is pleased to propose a solo-show of John Murphy, whose work researches the being and the ambiguities of time.
Ben Brown Fine ArtsPolitics, Power and the Pursuit of FreedomPolitics, Power and the Pursuit of Freedom explores the oeuvre of Yoan Capote, Awol Erizku and Hank Willis Thomas, whose conceptual works offer commentaries on ideas of politics and power as well as identity and belonging.
Ellen de Bruijne ProjectsBorrowed SplendourEllen de Bruijne PROJECTS presents a selection of work by Pauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz, Zhana Ivanova, and Maria Pask which examine identity politics and social constructs through the duality of individual and community.
Galerie BuchholzColumns, Silver, Organ PaintingsFor Art Basel’s OVR: Portals, Galerie Buchholz presents a focused group that positions historical sculpture and photography by Isa Genzken together with new abstract photography by Wolfgang Tillmans and new paintings by Henrik Olesen.
Buchmann GaleriePresent PresenceHow do we perceive and represent time and to what extent does this sense of time affect our experience? Three artists take different routes to explore these fundamental questions in the new OVR:Portals.
CabinetImage Production Model: Cosey Fanni Tutti, John Knight, KleinCosey Fanni Tutti, John Knight, Klein
CanadaLike a friendCanada presents new and early works by gallery artist Marc Hundley. Hundley makes works on prepared canvas or paper which offer lines of text from song lyrics, literature, or poetry that have inspired the Canadian-born artist.
Carlos/IshikawaIssy Wood: Not Gonna LieFor the Art Basel OVR Portals, Carlos/Ishikawa presents a new body of work by Issy Wood.
David CastilloUnsettled BodiesUnsettled Bodies is an exhibition of paintings by Maria de los Angeles Rodríguez Jiménez and Yesiyu Zhao that considers the expanded, often contested, territories of the body as an instrument that readily wears its circumstance and its difference.
Central GaleriaLourival Cuquinha | Documents of BarbarismLourival Cuquinha devises a study on a rather prevalent past, telling stories from an unofficial perspective to approach subjects such as social exclusion, indigenous peoples’ struggles and the environment.
Chemould Prescott RoadDesmond Lazaro ‘Cosmos’We bring a selection of recent works by Desmond Lazaro that are part of his ongoing series Cosmos, wherein he explores his own microcosmic journey and contemplates his relationship with identity, migration, history and the origins of the universe.
Galleria ContinuaJR - Looking at the world - the world looking inA view on the latest years through JR's scrutinizing, meticulous sight
Cooper ColePaul P.Paul P. systematically reimagines found erotic images along nineteenth century aesthetic modes. These portraits, alongside abstracted depictions of Venice, reflect on transience, desire, and the history of innuendo.
Pilar CorriasSångan ÅmotWorking primarily with women and non-binary people who identify as Black, Micronesian, Indigenous, Asian, Latinx, and/or mixed-race, Gisela McDaniel deliberately disrupts and responds to historical and contemporary patterns of female silence.
Galerie Chantal CrouselUntitled (America)Galerie Chantal Crousel is pleased to present Untitled (America), 2019 by Glenn Ligon.
Galerie CrèvecœurMathis Collins, The book endsThe book ends' is Mathis Collins’ new series of self-portraits in wood carved bas-relief adresses the current condition of the artist struggling with the contemporary addictions which have been increased by the pandemy.
Massimo De CarloTo BelongMASSIMODECARLO presents Alighiero Boetti, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, and Jessie Homer French: three artists that challenge the notion of the self in relationship with their own community.
de SartheLin Jingjing: Utopian AbsurdityLin Jingjing's work explores time, circumstance, and freedom. She approaches time as an endless void and explores the paradoxical strength of human nature in the face of adversity. These notions are informed by her relocation from China to the USA.
Jeffrey DeitchKaron Davis: No Good Deed Goes UnpunishedKaron Davis’s theme for the exhibition is “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished,” a reference to the US government’s violent prosecution of the Black Panthers and its distortion of the public’s understanding of the Panthers’ contributions to their community.
DocumentSara Greenberger Rafferty and Andrew Norman WilsonDOCUMENT is pleased to present a selection of works by gallery artists Sara Greenberger Rafferty (born 1978, lives and works in Brooklyn, NY) and Andrew Norman Wilson (born 1983, lives and works in Los Angeles, CA).
ExperimenterSamson Young | Relational DrawingsRelational Drawings by Samson Young present a play of negotiation and interpersonal interactions shared with people over the year, through notations, written word and stamped symbols explore altered contemporary conditions, human distance & solitude.
First Floor Gallery HarareTroy Makaza - Big Man SyndromeDeceptively and enticingly playful, Makaza’s silicone wallworks in ‘Big Man Syndrome’ confront toxic hyper-individualism amplified during lockdown as a point of reflection on colonial and revolutionary legacy in contemporary Zimbabwe.
Galeria Nora FischBy DesireThrough the works of three of the most relevant artists working in Buenos Aires now —Fernanda Laguna, Juan Tessi, Osías Yanov— this room explores the emergence of a vibrant poetics of gender expression, rooted in local sensibilities and traditions.
Artists Art Basel Online Viewing Room 2020 June and September

Artists Art Basel Viewing Rooms 2020

Art Basel Viewing Rooms is still present in September for the third edition with a similar show to the previous Viewing Rooms (Art Basel Hong Kong and Art Basel Viewing Rooms June). There are certain differences in volume and participating artists available by gallery: compared to the June digital edition, Art Basel OVR Sep has brought together a total of 100 galleries with a maximum of 7 artists exhibited by each one, this contrasts to the June edition, which reached the 277 galleries, with a maximum of 15 artists / works per viewing room.

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Artists Top 20 Art Basel Online 2020

This study aims to analyze the 20 most exhibited artists in Art Basel On Line 2020 in 3 groups: total, alive and dead. This segmentation finds to make a separate view of the different artistic careers that are promoted in the art fair, and from these segments analyze the artists’ birth year, country of origin and their gender. The Top 20 is presented as a standard ranking and despite the magnitude of the artists on display (around 1800 artists presented), it can be a starting point to dissect the Art Basel On Line 2020 edition and its approaches through its galleries.

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